Build problems --- putty-0.58-cygterm-20060525.tar.gz and putty-0.58.tar.gz

Keith Christian
Thu Dec 7 16:05:00 GMT 2006

Problem: Successful build on one XP machine but not on another.

On the machine with the successful build, PuTTY-Cygterm is fabulous.  I can't wait to get it working on the other machine.

I was able to successfully build Puttycyg on one Windows XP machine, but not on another.  Used the same source files on both machines, e.g. putty-0.58.tar.gz and the companion putty-0.58-cygterm-20060525.tar.gz.  I also tried the 0.57 version of both source files, but the build failed at the same point.

The machine having problems stops at the step below.  The crt2.o file is the same on both machines, same path, and same filesize and date.

I'm using the build instructions here:  Again, I had a successful build on another nearly identical XP machine.

Here's the last part of the output where it fails:

gcc -mwindows -mno-cygwin -s -o putty.exe -Wl,-Map, be_all.o \
		cmdline.o config.o cproxy.o cygterm.o dialog.o ldisc.o \
		ldiscucs.o logging.o minibidi.o misc.o pinger.o portfwd.o \
		pproxy.o proxy.o raw.o rlogin.o settings.o sizetip.o ssh.o \
		sshaes.o sshblowf.o sshbn.o sshcrc.o sshcrcda.o sshdes.o \
		sshdh.o sshdss.o sshmd5.o sshpubk.o sshrand.o sshrsa.o \
		sshsh512.o sshsha.o sshzlib.o telnet.o terminal.o timing.o \
		tree234.o version.o wcwidth.o wildcard.o win_res.res.o \
		wincfg.o winctrls.o windefs.o windlg.o window.o winmisc.o \
		winnet.o winnoise.o winpgntc.o winprint.o winstore.o \
		wintime.o winucs.o winutils.o x11fwd.o -ladvapi32 -lcomctl32 \
		-lcomdlg32 -lgdi32 -limm32 -lshell32 -luser32 -lwinmm \
ld: crt2.o: No such file: No such file or directory
make: *** [putty.exe] Error 1
make: Leaving directory `/usr/src/putty-0.58/WINDOWS'

My investigation of the whereabouts of crt2.o:

Output of ---> locate /crt2


Output of ---> ls -l /cygdrive/c/cygwin/lib/mingw/crt2.o

-rwxrwxrwx+ 1 kchristian Users 2260 Nov 18 15:29 /cygdrive/c/cygwin/lib/mingw/crt2.o

Baffling.  Any ideas?


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