Trouble with DLL and file (com port) IO

R. Steve McKown
Thu Dec 7 15:55:00 GMT 2006

On Wednesday 06 December 2006 03:13 pm, Dave Korn wrote:
> On 06 December 2006 17:01, R. Steve McKown wrote:
> > Th extension accepts a file descriptor to an open serial port, uses the
> > cygwin get_osfhandle() function to get the corresponding HANDLE, calls
> > the DLL function, then returns.  When run, python core dumps somewhere
> > between ...
>   Go research what those decorations actually signify.  Here's some terms
> to help get you started at Google:  cdecl, stdcall, fastcall.  Actually,
> nevermind google, you may as well go straight to MSDN.

The dll header file defines the functions using the WINAPI definition, which 
appears to map to __stdcall, so I thought the compiler already had the right 
information in this regard.  I'll research over at MSDN; thank you.

>   The only other obvious mistake was spamming everyone on the list with a
> couple of hundred kb of completely useless crud ...

I posted an apology and a correction within 10 minutes after posting an 
attachment containing build products, which caused its massive size.  I can't 
blame you for busting my chops anyway; it was a bone-headed oversight.

Thanks again,

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