1.5.21-1 Release: Windows memory resources do not recover.

Matt Wozniski godlygeek@gmail.com
Thu Dec 7 15:06:00 GMT 2006

>> I've constructed the following bash shell script (exhaustMem.bsh):

> Are you SURE you don't have a buggy driver installed?  Known culprits
> include Agnitum outpust, Mcafee virus scanners, Logitech webcam, ...  In
> other words, the leak is not caused by cygwin, but by your buggy driver
> leaking memory for every process spawned by your process-intensive scripts.

I can't reproduce your problem either.  Try running that same script
in safe mode without networking, and you're pretty likely to get
different results.  That should prove that it's a faulty driver.


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