vi and terminal behaviour

Carles Cufi
Mon Dec 4 17:29:00 GMT 2006

Hi there,

I have been using both the default Cygwin shell and rxvt for a while.
I seem to have some trouble getting the terminal emulators to behave correctly (i.e. as it does under Linux).
When I edit a file using vi and use the "cw" key sequence to change a word, the expected outcome is for the word under the cursor to disappear and switch to insert mode so that it can be replaced with what the user types next.
However under both the default Cygwin shell and rxvt I get a $ dollar sign at the end of the word after pressing "cw" instead of the word disappearing, both terminals behave identically.
The graphical version of vim, gvim, works as expected.

Is there something I need to tweak to make this work as in gvim or the Linux version of vim?

Thanks in advance,


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