bash scripting problem

Andrew Louie
Mon Dec 4 13:37:00 GMT 2006

Gary R. Van Sickle <g.r.vansickle <at>> writes:

> Do you have a link to such a script?  I don't mean a proof-of-principle; I'm
> sure a suitable example can be contrived.  What I'm looking for is a shell
> script "in the wild" that purposely has a carriage return embedded in it for
> reasons other than ending a line of the script.

I'm not sure what you mean. The scripts that give me problems are packages (like
the configure script for subversion 1.4x, before the cygwin release) and simple
bash scripts i created in VIM 7 to just change directories and run perl scripts
both had this dos line endings problem. 

all of my mounts are mounted binmode.

Is there a utility like a hex editor for cygwin that can check files for the
"\r" line endings?

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