1.5.21-1 Release: System resources not freed, can lead to system reboot.

Dave Silvia dsilvia@mchsi.com
Mon Dec 4 11:03:00 GMT 2006


I have a simple script that illustrates a problem I'm dealing with in installing
a software package which operates under Cygwin. It uses a modified
configure/config.status scripting and then runs a make. The problem is that when
the scripts are running, it seems they keep invoking other scripts and the
resources are left allocated. So, by the time it gets to the make, there are not
enough resources and the build aborts. When I go into Windows Task Manager, even
though the Cygwin (bash) shells have long since terminated, the resources are
not freed.

If I run the simple script, it shows the same type of behavior, i.e., slowly
eroding resources. And, if I just let it keep running, it doesn't see that the
resources have been used up and the system reboots.


#filename: keepGoing.sh

echo Howdy!


I have a Windows XP Pro SP2 platform with 1024 Mb Ram and about 60 Gb free disk
space and a min/max pagefile of 2/6 Gb

My question is, does this exhibit expected behavior?

I've checked the FAQ and mail archive, but nothing appears to be related. But
then, I may not be using the "magic" search phrase.

Dave S.

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