Brian Dessent
Mon Dec 4 10:42:00 GMT 2006

Did you really need to start a new thread for this?

Wynfield Henman wrote:

> I saw the reference to "gpgme" with some misleading (to me) version
> number, such as 1.1.2, tacked on and said it was in ...somewhere like
> ../cygwin/ports. ......

Cygwin Ports is a separate project.  Type it into Google and follow the
first hit.  It's off-topic for this list because it has its own mailing

> guess cygwin rules/convention requires a different numbering system???

Um, no.  Have you even looked at the gpgme ftp site?

> Hearing that gpgme has a port I executed  setup.exe and searched for
> gpgme, but it is not there (or I can't find it alphabetically).

You need to add the URL to setup.exe if you want to use it.  Again, it's
not part of the official Cygwin project.


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