bash scripting problem

Will Parsons oudeis@nodomain.invalid
Sat Dec 2 14:48:00 GMT 2006

Gary R. Van Sickle wrote:
>> From: Rob Walker
>> d2u may also corrupt "text" files that need to have CR in 
>> them.  This includes bash scripts that need to parse or output CR.
>> -Rob
> Do you have a link to such a script?  I don't mean a proof-of-principle; I'm
> sure a suitable example can be contrived.  What I'm looking for is a shell
> script "in the wild" that purposely has a carriage return embedded in it for
> reasons other than ending a line of the script.
Here's a real-life example, slightly edited:


# the first command to sed below contains an embedded '\r', so it may look odd.
sed \
-e 's/
$//'    \
-e 's/^"\(#.*\)"/\1/' \
-e 's/	/,/g' \
-e 's/,,*$//'   \
-e '/^$/d'      \
-e '/^#/s/LLC,200/LLC, 200/' \

This script is used to preprocess the CSV output of Exceed into an ASCII
configuration file used on a Unix-type system (*not* Cygwin).  Note that
the literal <CR> cannot be replaced by "\r" here, since sed doesn't 
support it on this platform.

- Will 

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