Gnupg problem

Eric Lilja
Sat Dec 2 12:35:00 GMT 2006

David Barr skrev:
> I tried installing Gnupg 1.4.5-1 on a new system with the base Cygwin
> install and a couple other packages.  When I tried to run gpg, it
> would exit without any output or any error message.  I tried running
> strace on the program, and I got an error message about a missing
> cygminires.dll

David! Thank you! What you said about strace being able to tell that a 
dll was missing enabled me to determine why a program I was trying to 
run exited as soon as it was started without any output at all 
(debugging didn't help).
Then I read this post and simply typed:
$ strace nameofmyprogram
and up pops a dialog box with the name of the missing DLL. Thanks!

> Thanks,
> David

/ E

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