echo hi|egrep -v ho #no output

Tom Rodman
Fri Dec 1 23:43:00 GMT 2006

[back from shoveling out 2 driveways, a sidewalk, and a stuck car :->    ]

On Fri 12/1/06 12:53 PST wrote:
> Tom Rodman wrote:
> >   ~ $ echo hi|egrep -v ho
> Note that egrep is a /bin/sh script that just calls grep -E.  So if your
> sh.exe was in use or something went wrong in the bash postinstall you
> may not have a functioning sh.exe.  Try "grep -E" and if this works but
> egrep does not then check your sh.exe, it should be an identical copy of
> bash.exe.  Worst cast, just "cp -p /bin/{bash,sh}.exe".

Thanks.. looks like I still had an old /bin/sh:

  ~ $ ls -l /bin/{bash,sh}.exe
  -r-xr-xr-x+ 1 ???????? Users        484352 Nov 29 21:38 /bin/bash.exe*
  -r-xr-xr-x+ 1 staffuser1  XYZ_ES_STAFF 451072 Aug  1  2005 /bin/sh.exe*
  ~ $ cp -p /bin/{bash,sh}.exe
  cp: overwrite `/bin/sh.exe'? y
  ~ $ echo hi|egrep -v ho
  ~ $

setup.exe did not complain though.  I know I have to update my /etc/{passwd,group}
files also..

thanks again.. I will update my notes,

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