Cygwin, gcc and processor-specific options

Brian Dessent
Fri Dec 1 21:47:00 GMT 2006

Tim Chan wrote:

> Hi! I am using gcc and g++ on cygwin. How come I can't
> use the machine and processor specific options such as
> -68hc12. How can I take advantage of

The gcc included with Cygwin is a native gcc, which means it creates
executables that run under Windows on the IA-32 architecture, and
nothing else.  In general a specific copy of gcc is only capable of
supporting a single target.  If you want something else you need to
configure and build gcc for the desired target.  Just because gcc
supports three dozen different architectures doesn't mean you can use
them all at once.  You seem to be looking at random files in the gcc
source code and inferring something about their presence that is not

Building cross-compilers is not exactly on-topic for this list, there
are better places to ask, like the crossgcc list or google.


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