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Igor Pechtchanski
Sun Jan 30 18:51:00 GMT 2005

On Sun, 30 Jan 2005, itzack s wrote:

> I would be very grateful if someone could explain to
> me the procedure for installing software on cygwin,i
> am new to this system but i am very keen to learn,Do i
> need some form of account to log on as root..Hope i
> dont sound to stupid.
> Thank you
>    Itzack

Your first problem: wrong list.  The cygwin-talk list that you sent this
to isn't for technical questions about Cygwin, so, unless you want highly
non-technical answers, you should have sent this to the main Cygwin
mailing list (where I'm addressing my reply, and setting the Reply-To

Now, your question is too vague.  Do you mean "how do I install Cygwin
software?", or "how do I, given a Cygwin installation, install some
particular bit of software from a source?", or something completely

If it's the first, see <>
(2 clicks away from the Cygwin homepage, select "User's Guide" from the
left menu, and then "Help with setting up Cygwin with setup.exe").

If it's the second, see <>
(again, from the User's Guide).  For most (portable) projects, you may be
able to use the exact same sequence of commands as you use on Linux.

If you were asking something other than those two, please clarify what you
wanted to know (but on the right list this time).
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