su alternative for Win2k

Andrew Schulman
Fri Jan 28 21:31:00 GMT 2005

> I was just installing postgreSQL and ran across the problem with
> getting initdb to run as the postgres user. As expected, I could
> neither su nor login to work. Searching the archives and the like
> for a fix, the most often specified one was to use ssh.  But as I
> don't run sshd, and it seems a shame to have to run this just to
> get an su-like behaviour, that wouldn't work for me.

Now I'm curious.  I haven't tried to search for bug reports on su in 
Cygwin.  But it's never worked for me.  I always figured that I was just 
doing something wrong, but it was never important enough to find out 
what it was and fix it-- I just used 'Run As' instead, as you suggest.

So now I wonder, is it not just me?  Is su in Cygwin broken for 


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