Cygwin Time Machine

Peter A. Castro
Fri Jan 28 02:33:00 GMT 2005

On Thu, 27 Jan 2005, Warren Young wrote:

> Peter A. Castro wrote:
> > Hmm... How complete is it?  Did you pull all the source packages as well?
> > Did you keep the setup.ini with it?  What about the setup.exe itself?
> I don't remember when setup.exe came into being, but it was after b20.
> At that time, you had the option if downloading one of two different
> single-file self-extracting archives (full.exe and user.exe) that would
> explode into a Cygwin tree for you.  Every time you updated Cygwin,
> you'd have to download the whole tree again.

I'd still like to archive it.  If you can stabalize your ftp host I'll
pull it.  Alternatively, I can setup an incoming dir on my machine if
you'd prefer to push from your end.

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