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Jason Fu
Fri Jan 28 01:09:00 GMT 2005


Sorry that I had no problem at using the same cygwin xemacs accessing
other UNIX boxes like Solaris and Linux in listing the homes there. So the
problem is the ftpd of cygwin and no other, isn't it?



> Jason Fu wrote:
>     Hi there,
>     I've found there's some problem with the ftpd of cygwin recentrly
> while using ange-ftp in xemacs. I could not list my home in a cygwin box
> but I have no problem at all in all other unix box.
> Describe how you "list my home" in ange-ftp in xemacs.
> WAG: You are using the windows version XEmacs and attempting to edit
> files via ange-ftp and that is failing. If so then it's probably because
> your Windows XEmacs is executing a Cygwin ftp client and should instead
> be using a Windows oriented ftp.
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