Hang in application using cygwin1.dll 1.5.12

Greg Smith gsmith@nc.rr.com
Fri Jan 28 00:51:00 GMT 2005

I work on an application that hangs when using cygwin1.dll 1.5.12 but
not using cygwin1.dll 1.5.9.  Actually, I only know of two win xp
machines that the application hangs on when using 1.5.12; on hundreds,
possibly thousands, of others, the hang does not occur.

A user has graciously lent me his laptop where I can recreate the
problem (I cannot recreate it on my own machines).

The user has not properly installed cygwin, but has all files in a
single directory or folder:  cygbz2-1.dll, cygiconv-2.dll,
cygintl-3.dll, cygwin1.dll, cygz.dll plus our application's .exe
and .dll files.  The application is invoked by executing the .exe file
from a windows command prompt.

If I execute the application using cygwin1.dll 1.5.9 the hang does not
occur.  If I replace cygwin1.dll with 1.5.12 then the hang does occur.
If I rebuild the application using current cygwin and attempt to run the
application on this particular machine using current dll's mentioned
above, the hang occurs.  If I attempt to use a back-level cygwin1.dll
(1.5.9 or even 1.5.11) I get a windows error `The procedure entry point
_impure_ptr could not be located in the dynamic link library

The problem appears to be a deadlock between threads occurring during
application initialization.  Although our application is multi-threaded,
it looks that there are threads created by cygwin itself involved.  The
machine has 1.5Ghz p4 processor and 1G memory.  System properties shows
this is xp sp1.

I am willing to debug this problem.  I'm just asking for some advice on
how to proceed and if similar type problems have been reported (I spent
some time searching the archives but didn't hit anything).  I suppose I
will attempt to build a current cvs snapshot and see if the problem
occurs there, then compare strace output between 1.5.9 and the snapshot.
I don't regularly use windows/cygwin which is why the plea for advice.

Thank you,
Greg Smith

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