cygwin bughunt (FAQ alert?)

David Dindorp
Wed Jan 26 15:19:00 GMT 2005

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
>> Umm, that was my bad.  The thing is, "--enable-debugging" really
>> a developer debug version, with extra tracing, etc.  If all you want
is a
>> version of DLL with all the symbols (i.e., unstripped), the regular
>> produces that as well.

Cristopher Faylor wrote:
> ...and now you get to repeat these facts endlessly as people find your
> words in the archives and assume that they need use this option
> of follow-on discussion or the FAQ.

How about adding a line in the FAQ to the "how to build cygwin" (104)
stating that the "configure ; make" mentioned does produce a Cygwin with
debugging symbols?

And the link in the FAQ is wrong:

"How can I debug cygwin" (entry 105) says:

"To build a debugging version of the Cygwin DLL,
 you will need to follow the instructions at"

The above should point to entry 104, not 102.

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