Problem uninstalling/deleting cygwin

Andrew DeFaria
Wed Jan 26 03:28:00 GMT 2005

Neven Luetic wrote:

>>> It says: "x cannot be deleted. Access denied. Maybe the source file 
>>> is opened" (maybe this translation from german is bad, but I saw it 
>>> before, so you'll recognize it).
>> Does any process have this file opened? Try using Process Explorer 
>> from
> Process Explorer doesn't show anything (I looked for the handle 
> "cygwin.old", i.e. the top level dir). 

There are two different types of find in Process Explorer. Are you sure 
you tried both?

> I killed any process that I could
> (including explorer) and stopped AntiVir, Apache and mysql. No change.
> Anyway, those stale links cannot be accessed as files at all. I can 
> only see them using "ls" or apply chmod/chown on them. Nothing else. 
> If I try "cat file", it says "No such file or directory". File zombies.

Symbolic links, in Cygwin for Windows, are not very much different than 
regular Windows Shortcuts (OK there are some differences and perhaps 
this is one of them). As such if you created a Windows shortcut to say a 
folder and later removed the folder you would expect, and Windows would 
handle, deleting the shortcut. As such I don't understand what the 
problem is here.

You could:

    * Make the file that the link it pointing to valid then try removing
      the link
    * Try removing the link with Cygwin's rm (you probably did this
      already, included for completeness)
    * Try removing the link with Windows Explorer
    * Try removing the link with DOS' DEL.
    * Try examining the shortcut's properties and security

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