any fix for the c-c and backspace problem with emacs on cygwin.

Sean McMahon
Tue Jan 25 01:09:00 GMT 2005

setting the variable CYGWIN to tty fixes the c-c problem in emacs but I still
can't backspace either with the backspace key or the delete key, which sometimes
functions as a backspace. setting CYGWIN to notty has even worse behavior,
backspace and c-c don't work.  If CYGWIN is set to tty or notty, the delete key
functions as it does under windows, i.e. removes the letter at the cursor
position and sucessively removes letters to the right of cursor.
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> At 04:38 PM 1/20/2005, you wrote:
> >In both ssh sessions and working with cygwin locally, hitting backspace in
> >issues a c-h, the help command.  In the local sessions of cygwin only, not
> >working on remote servers, c-c does not work.  It does work over ssh. I do
> >the cygwin termcap entry on the remote server.  backspacing also has a
> >in sftp but not in any other applications like when issuing commands to the
> >shell.  I did see posts on this issue but never saw a good fix and wondered
> >anyone had some idea.  cygwin version is
> >1.5.12(0.116/4/2) according to uname -r
> Best to start here:
> >Problem reports:
> My WAG guess is that you have not set "tty" in your Cygwin environment
> variable.
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