Setup Failure
Mon Jan 24 12:30:00 GMT 2005

The following error message was displayed in a pop-up window when I tried to execute setup.

  Fatal Error: Uncaught Exception
  Thread: install
  Type: St16invalid_argumet
  Message: URL Scheme not registered!

I am using the setup.exe and setup.ini files downloaded on Jan 17.

The steps executed to display this message were:
1: I copied the setup files from one computer to another (Intel to AMD machines).
2: I copied the downloaded Cygwin files.
3: I executed 'setup.exe' from Windows Start -> Run.
4: I executed 'setup.exe' from a Cygwin shell.
5: I executed 'setup.exe -5' from a Cygwin shell.

Any idea how to fix the problem?


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