Share rootfs by nfs-server?

Sun Jan 23 18:35:00 GMT 2005

I'll try and cut out all the detail to make things clear.

Imagine I have only one computer. This computer is running Windows.
Inside it there is a 2nd hard drive with a linux ext3 root partition.
I want to make that available to other computers on the network.

Yes, I can READ the partition using Paragon ext2anywhere and SHARE the
result using samba that is built into Windows. However, by doing this
all the files are seen as one owner - the person who mounted the

And that is the problem.

On Sun, 23 Jan 2005 13:10:28 -0500, Larry Hall
<> wrote:
> At 08:06 AM 1/23/2005, you wrote:
> >How can I share a root filesystem using Windows?
> >
> >I've had 2 ideas on how to approach this:
> >
> >- using nfs-server and a ext3 driver
> >
> >- compress the entire 18gb into one big file using cramfs and share that.
> >
> >Is there a better way? The first approach I doubt will work because
> >even Paragons ext3 driver doesn't do permissions that well. The last
> >approach seems messy and even then I'm not sure it will work because
> >I'm not sure how cramfs and similar compressed filesystems uncompress.
> >
> >To add some detail about the `thin`client mounting the exported root filesystem:
> >
> >- will be running off a 64mb flash card with Mozilla so with little
> >space will be left.
> >- 320mb RAM
> >- 1ghz
> >- small and silent
> >
> >I could have 3 computers; Windows, linux server and a thinclient but I
> >don't want to introduce another computer into the house, trying to be
> >effiecient on electric.
> >
> >I've sent a similar question to the ltsp to see what they say.
> It's pretty unclear from the above exactly what you're trying to share.
> If you just want to share the root of your Linux server to your Windows
> machine, just use Samba.  If you have a partition local to your Windows
> machine that's formatted for Linux (ext2/ext3) and you want access to
> that from Windows, then you will need some kind of ext2/ext3 driver for
> Windows (Paragon is one commercial option).  If you only need read access,
> there's others, including a user-space option called Explore2fs.  But
> unless you can clearly relate your need back to something Cygwin-related,
> further discussion would be off-topic for this list.
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