Share rootfs by nfs-server?

Larry Hall
Sun Jan 23 18:29:00 GMT 2005

At 08:06 AM 1/23/2005, you wrote:
>How can I share a root filesystem using Windows?
>I've had 2 ideas on how to approach this:
>- using nfs-server and a ext3 driver
>- compress the entire 18gb into one big file using cramfs and share that.
>Is there a better way? The first approach I doubt will work because
>even Paragons ext3 driver doesn't do permissions that well. The last
>approach seems messy and even then I'm not sure it will work because
>I'm not sure how cramfs and similar compressed filesystems uncompress.
>To add some detail about the `thin`client mounting the exported root filesystem:
>- will be running off a 64mb flash card with Mozilla so with little
>space will be left.
>- 320mb RAM
>- 1ghz
>- small and silent
>I could have 3 computers; Windows, linux server and a thinclient but I
>don't want to introduce another computer into the house, trying to be
>effiecient on electric.
>I've sent a similar question to the ltsp to see what they say.

It's pretty unclear from the above exactly what you're trying to share.
If you just want to share the root of your Linux server to your Windows
machine, just use Samba.  If you have a partition local to your Windows
machine that's formatted for Linux (ext2/ext3) and you want access to 
that from Windows, then you will need some kind of ext2/ext3 driver for
Windows (Paragon is one commercial option).  If you only need read access,
there's others, including a user-space option called Explore2fs.  But 
unless you can clearly relate your need back to something Cygwin-related,
further discussion would be off-topic for this list.

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