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Larry Hall
Sun Jan 23 18:12:00 GMT 2005

At 02:19 AM 1/23/2005, you wrote:
>I'm probably going to regret this :)
>For some time, I've been keeping a private mirror of Cygwin for my own
>personal use.  Unlike other mirrors, I've been keeping all of the
>versions of all packages, along with a revision of setup.ini to go with
>Now, call me crazy (and I know you already do :), but since Cygwin Setup
>uses nothing more than setup.ini and the release/ directory, I thought:
>"why not provide a historical representation of Cygwin's package from
>which you can actually install from"?  Think of it as a time machine for
>going back to a previous "version" of Cygwin.  And so, that's what I did.
>This provides the details of how it works.  Basically, it's a bunch of
>timestamp based URLs which allow you to install a specific snapshot of
>So, why am I doing this?  Well, I actually have need of this for work.
>It saved me much time and effort, because I could install additional
>packages at the same level of what we already had installed, thus
>introducing less instability into our environments, and it gives us a
>chance to gradually upgrade.  It's a cop-out, I know, and I can already
>see people tut-tut'ing at this, but on the plus side, it's kind of neat
>to see a form of historical review of Cygwin packages.  My mirroring is
>done automatically each day, and the time machine is also automatically
>regenerated along with it to keep it up to date.
>I really only did this for my work, but thought perhaps someone else
>might find it useful or interesting.  Unfortinately, it only goes back to
>April of 2002, though I actually have package versions going back
>further, but not the setup.ini to go with them.  Once our work has
>migrated to a more current Cygwin, I might remove this, but for now it's
>useful to me.

You forgot to mention the most important thing in your post.  Anybody who
visits and uses your archive should contact you directly for any support
issues they have with using the software.  This list can't entertain 
questions or help solve problems for those using software from your 
archive.  You do have wording something like this at your web page but 
you know no one ever reads documentation. ;-)

Good luck!

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