cygpng12.dll not found

Larry Hall
Sun Jan 23 18:06:00 GMT 2005

At 04:03 PM 1/22/2005, you wrote:
>How can I get the cygpng12.dll?
>I got the libpng12 installed via setup.exe.
>But there is no cygpng12.dll

See the FAQ entry:

What packages should I download? Where are 'make', 'gcc', 'vi', etc?

So <>

If you've installed the latest libpng12, then you should search your 
disk for 'cygpng12.dll'.  It's around somewhere.  If it isn't, reinstall.
If you didn't actually install the latest 'cygpng12.dll' (maybe you just
downloaded it but didn't install it), do so.  If after reviewing the 
above you still can't figure out what's wrong, please read and follow
the problem reporting guidelines at <>.

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