bash not functional on laptop with wireless (VPN) connection

Browning, Jeff
Thu Jan 20 21:04:00 GMT 2005


Moving my home directory to a local directory (I used /home/browning)
fixed the problem. Thanks.


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Ugh, top posting...  Reformatted.

On Wed, 19 Jan 2005, Browning, Jeff wrote:

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<>.  Google on the acronym for
possible fixes.  Thanks.

> > Subject: Re: bash not functional on laptop with wireless
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> > On Wed, 19 Jan 2005, Browning, Jeff wrote:
> >
> > > All:
> > >
> > > I have installed Cygwin Xfree on my T40 laptop and yesterday when 
> > > in the office over a normal wired ethernet connection, it was 
> > > working fine.
> > >
> > > Today, I am working from home over a wireless connection, and 
> > > Cygwin has become completely non-functional. The bash shell shows 
> > > nothing, basically it's just dead.
> > > [snip]
> > > Any clue what is going on here?
> >
> > The bash thing sounds like a general Cygwin problem, so you should 
> > take it to the main Cygwin list (redirecting and setting Reply-To:).
> > Do you happen to run a VPN in addition to your wireless connection?
> > Also, please review <> to see how you

> > can provide the relevant information about your system.
> All:
> Per the instructions on the web page referred to by Igor, below, my 
> cygcheck.out file is attached.
> Yes, I am running the Cisco VPN client in addition to a wireless 
> network connection. So I just tested it with the wireless on, but the
VPN off.
> It works fine. Therefore, the problem is the VPN connection not the 
> wireless connection.

Your cygcheck output shows that your home directory is on a network
Can you access that share with VPN connection on?  What directory does
bash normally start up in?  Can you run "bash -i" from a command prompt
(i.e., omit the --login flag, so that it doesn't try to access your home
directory)?  If not, does "bash --norc -i" work?  Do any other Cygwin
programs (e.g., "ls") work?

> My Cisco VPN client is version 4.0.2.  My Cygwin was downloaded 
> yesterday, so it should be fairly up-to-date.  My bash shell reports 
> 2.05b.

The Cygwin information, BTW, is all contained in the cygcheck output[*].
The fact that simply turning off the VPN (as opposed to uninstalling it)
makes things work suggests that it's not messing with things like TCP/IP
stack, etc.  Could it be simply that the VPN client sets some
environment variables that interfere with Cygwin?

> My question, then, is how to use Cygwin, including the X server, in 
> conjunction with my VPN connection.

You'll have to debug this, as I have no problem running Cygwin on my
Win98 machine (yes, pathetic, isn't it) even when connected using Cisco
VPN used by my father (I don't recall the version at the moment).

If you can get one of the commands suggested above to work, it may be
simply that bash tries to access your home directory and fails.  If that
is the case, check whether you can access your home share using Windows
mechanisms -- perhaps there's a Windows/network configuration error

If you get repeatable hangs with all Cygwin programs (i.e., the VPN
affects the working of the main Cygwin DLL), you'll need to use
something like strace to see where it hangs (and analyze the output
yourself -- please don't send unsolicited strace output to the list).
The man page for strace should contain enough info to get you started.

[*] As I keep telling people, "your Cygwin installation is only as
up-to-date as the mirror you're using".  You did use a mirror that's
updated regularly, so in your case this doesn't apply, but I thought I'd
throw this in for good measure...
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