FileRunner under cygwin - simple compilation fails.

Patrick Samson
Wed Jan 19 18:06:00 GMT 2005

--- Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> Arg #3 is a pointer to a function (Tcl_CmdProc). 
> See where that's
> declared *in the preprocessed file* (so that all
> macros are expanded) and
> see if your declarations of GetTimeFromSecs, etc,
> correspond to it.  The
> most obvious mismatch is probably the "const char*
> argv[]" vs. your "char*
> argv[]".

>From a working source of Postgresql:

static int pltcl_elog(ClientData cdata, Tcl_Interp
		   int argc, CONST84 char *argv[]);

I'm pretty confident that CONST84 is #defined as CONST
in tcl.h

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