Using rsync to sync to NTFS: permission issues

Wim Heemskerk Lists
Wed Jan 19 12:43:00 GMT 2005


I (want to) use rsync under cygwin to sync files from a Linux box to a WinXP 
box. I want to maintain a full backup, including the file permissions.

First, this is how far I got:
- the XP box uses an NTFS partition to write the back-up on.
- rsync runs on the XP box (as it is by far the muscle of the two and can't 
have a listening port open) and uses the -e ssh option.
- cygwin ntea is on, ntsec is left on too.
- I am administrator on the WinXP box and attached those credentials to UID 
0 undercygwin. rsync is indeed able to set file credentials.
- I made all accounts needed on the XP box, as XP doesn't accept use of 
account / group numbers that aren't tied to an account

Now the problem:
-> rsync locks itself out sometimes: when I sync a file my way with 
permissions like this: rwxrwx--- user1:user1 rsync will make it just fine. 
But: when it wishes to update that file next time, it has no access. 
Likewise it makes folders with such permissions and then can't access them 
to write the files into them.
-> rsync handles this rather badly btw: it goes to 100% CPU use and stays 
there forever and ever, not getting any further
-> this non-access is consistent with NTFS file permissions: even an 
administrator can't normally browse through folders to which he has no 
access, but: he should be able to make backups of them / place those back, 
which is what we are doing here.
-> WinXP info tell me that to get this special access the application must 
use the NTFS back-ups API. Apperently cygwin+rsync does not.. how can I 
change that?

Thanks for any help you can provide! 

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