FileRunner under cygwin - simple compilation fails.

Igor Pechtchanski
Wed Jan 19 06:22:00 GMT 2005

On Wed, 19 Jan 2005, CV wrote:

> Igor Pechtchanski <pechtcha <at>> writes:
> > Did you check whether tcl.h gets included?  If it is, it could be a bug in
> > ext.c.
> I ran gcc -E as you suggested but was not sure how to interpret
> the results. Looking at it a bit more closely I think it is clear
> that tcl.h _does_ get included:
> After running the command "gcc -E ext.c -o ext.pre" and then
> comparing ext.pre with tcl.h I think I can identify some of
> the included bits, eg. the following:
> [snip]

You could also just look at the '# line' lines, e.g.,
'# 159 "/usr/include/tcl.h" 3 4'

The most interesting thing is whether Tcl_CreateCommand is declared, and
whether its signature corresponds to its usage in ext.c.

> > > It does seem to behave funny, refusing to enter certain directories,
> > > but that I'll have to investigate separately.
> >
> > Perhaps related to the above warnings?
> Don't know, but actually it only refuses to enter the
> C:/cygwin/cygdrive directory, where the windows disks
> are mounted. It is ok everywhere else.

Ha.  /cygdrive is a virtual directory, intended to access Windows disks
from inside Cygwin, not vice versa.  Why go to C:/cygwin/cygdrive/c/, when
you can simply go to C:/?

> [snip]
> I am a little surprised that FileRunner is working with
> C:/ as its root directory. I would have preferred to have
> it use the cygwin / root, and then access windows disks
> over /cygdrive/c etc. but that's a minor point and it
> still sort of works: "cd /" takes you to C:/cygwin.
> Another funny thing is that cygwin symlinks come up
> as filename.lnk, but they still seem to work as
> expected when you click on them.

Both of the above seem to indicate that the Tcl library you're using is
probably a Windows native Tcl of some sort...  I may be totally off,
though, since I don't know squat about Tcl.
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