FileRunner under cygwin - simple compilation fails.

Igor Pechtchanski
Tue Jan 18 19:04:00 GMT 2005

On Tue, 18 Jan 2005, CV wrote:

> Thanks for your help Igor.
> Actually I found the answer by googling for
> "___RUNTIME_PSEUDO_RELOC_LIST__". Someone had that problem fixed by
> upgrading to the latest binutils.

Ah, right, that would do it.  Strangely enough, Googling for partial
string ("RUNTIME_PSEUDO_RELOC") didn't work -- apparently Google does
treat underscores as letters, and not as separators...

> I checked and my binutils was a 2002<something> version while there is a
> 2004... one available.
> What I can't understand is how an old 2002 version of binutils ended up
> on my system. I installed from scratch over the internet just before
> christmas umm.. maybe six weeks ago or so and I assumed I got the latest
> version of everything. I must have assumed wrong !?. (unless the
> subsequent kde installation set it back ??)

Your installation is only as up-to-date as your mirror.  Plus, there may
be *two* versions of binutils on your machine -- check your PATH.

> I upgraded binutils to the 2004 version with setup and ext.c now
> compiles. I still get the "incompatible pointer type" warnings at the
> compilation stage but it links and creates the .dll with no complaints
> and the application starts up.

Did you check whether tcl.h gets included?  If it is, it could be a bug in

> It does seem to behave funny, refusing to enter certain directories, but
> that I'll have to investigate separately.

Perhaps related to the above warnings?
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