FileRunner under cygwin - simple compilation fails.

Tue Jan 18 17:37:00 GMT 2005

Thanks for your help Igor.

Actually I found the answer by googling for 
"___RUNTIME_PSEUDO_RELOC_LIST__". Someone had that problem
fixed by upgrading to the latest binutils.

I checked and my binutils was a 2002<something> version
while there is a 2004... one available.

What I can't understand is how an old 2002 version of
binutils ended up on my system. I installed from scratch
over the internet just before christmas umm.. maybe six
weeks ago or so and I assumed I got the latest version
of everything. I must have assumed wrong !?.
(unless the subsequent kde installation set it back ??)

I upgraded binutils to the 2004 version with setup and
ext.c now compiles. I still get the "incompatible pointer
type" warnings at the compilation stage but it links and
creates the .dll with no complaints and the application
starts up.

It does seem to behave funny, refusing to enter certain
directories, but that I'll have to investigate separately.

Thanks again. CV

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