How do I get an old version of cygwin?

Christopher Faylor
Tue Jan 18 14:53:00 GMT 2005

On Tue, Jan 18, 2005 at 08:41:51AM +0000, Adrian Cox wrote:
>On Mon, 2005-01-17 at 15:11 -0800, James M. Rogers wrote:
>>My company has a small program that we use to pull data from files on
>>multiple OSes.
>>We use the latest version of cygwin on our own internal computers to
>>run under windows systems and this works fine.
>>However, one of our clients has an old version of cygwin that uses the
>>1.5.4 DLL.  This is a DLL on a production box over which we have no
>>control.  The client themselves just installs the product from another
>>vendor and it just works.  This is not a full version of the cygwin
>>install.  There are no build tools on this box.
>Have you considered building a custom version of the latest Cygwin, and
>putting it on their box in a different directory?  Trying to solve this
>sort of problem is unpopular on this list, but my initial research
>suggests that changing the values of CYGWIN_VERSION_DLL_IDENTIFIER and

You really shouldn't be giving out advice to people without
understanding what the problems are.  You don't even know why this
person needs to hve an older version of cygwin.  Immediately jumping to
the conclusion that they just need to mess with things in the source and
recompile is not good advice.

However, you have pinpointed exactly why the "problem is unpopular".
The "problem" is usually advanced by people with no clear understanding
about what is going on who have jumped to the conclusion that the
solution to their problem is to keep multiple versions on their


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