Can't telnet after ssh

Charlie Watts
Mon Jan 17 20:47:00 GMT 2005

I'm having a strange problem that started after updating cygwin to the
current version. After ssh'ing to my system, I can't telnet elsewhere.
The telnet process simply quits - it doesn't return any error message,
and doesn't connect. A simple 'telnet' command drops me back at the

I'm running sshd with privilege separation enabled. I can connect with
passwords or key-based authentication just fine.

Once connected, I can do most things. I can ssh somewhere else, ping,
cp, mv ... most basic commands work. Everything within the cygwin
package appears to work (although I haven't made an exhaustive search.)

Most win32 commands appear to work also. Ping, nslookup, etc. The
notable exception so far is telnet.

Telnet works just fine through a local bash or cmd.exe.

Windows XP
cygwin: 1.5.12-1
base-files: 3.2-1
openssh: 3.9p1-2
openssl: 0.9.7e-1

I've uninstalled all packages, removed the /cygwin directory, and
re-installed just the base, with no change. I've un-installed sshd and
re-installed with 'ntsec', and 'ntsec tty'.

Any suggestions?

Charlie Watts
Mercury Payment Systems - Information Technology
970-385-3187, 800-846-4472 x 3187

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