ORSA/Cygwin porting

Pasquale Tricarico tricaric@gmail.com
Sat Jan 15 09:32:00 GMT 2005

Hi All,

I'm the author of the ORSA tool for scientific grade Celestial
Mechanics computations. We provide a graphical application for
Linux/Mac/Win using the Qt library. I was wondering how difficult
would it be to port it to the Cygwin platform. I hope this is not a
silly question, since I'm not too much into the Cygwin world from the
development point of view, even thought I have used it for a long

The ORSA website is http://orsa.sourceforge.net/ and I'd like to hear
from other developers:
- how difficult would it be;
- if there are volunteers to help us in the porting;
- pros/cons.

We already have a Windows version of ORSA, so this request can appear
a bit strange. What I'd like is to use the Cygwin port to better debug
the application, and also allow Windows user to try ORSA via Cygwin.
The Windows version we have now is quite unstable, and the only person
who can actually fix that problems is the owner of the Qt/Commercial
license who contributes the Windows version. If it is possible to
indirectly fix Windows bugs via the Cygwin port, then anyone can try
to fix them via ORSA/Cygwin/Qt-X11.

Thanks a lot,

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