Barthel, Mattias mattias.barthel@hp.com
Fri Jan 14 14:33:00 GMT 2005


I am compiling stuff on cygwin but with -mno-cygwin
to make the produced software independent of cygwin itself.

The DLL's that you can download from the setup of cygwin 
are all dependent of cygwin1.dll?

I would like to use for example lcms that you can install
directly over the network from cygwin's webpage. 
On the home page of little cms there is also a windows DLL to download.
The thing is when trying to link my program towards the
"pure" windows DLL I get undefined references and also "nm" says
"no symbols found" over that DLL.
The linkeage towards the DLL's from cygwin works well
But I am afraid that I have achieved nothing but a 
cygwin dependent program then.

Any help greatly appreceiated.


Mattias Barthel, Software Engineer
CapGemini at Hewlett Packard
Tel. 34 93 582 26 02
E-mail: mattias.barthel@hp.com 

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