c++ exceptions in shared library results in crash

Rainer Hochreiter rainer@hochreiter.at
Thu Jan 13 14:01:00 GMT 2005

On Thu, 13 Jan 2005 22:23:02 +1300, Danny Smith wrote:

> From: "Rainer Hochreiter"
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> throwing an exception in the shared library results in a core dump of the
>> binary executable - but only for the cross-compiled version!
> cygwin and mingw gcc sources contain a local patch to allow
> throwing C++ exceptions across dll/exe boundaries. These
> local hacks have never been submitted to FSF GCC lists. Without
> this patch, one option you have to allow exceptions across dll/exe
> boudaries is to build libstdc++.a and libgcc.a as dlls. This is not done by GCC
> makefiles, but can be done done manually. Libstdc++ dll  relies on auto-import
> functionality, so watch your pseudo-runtime-relocs (a techno name for "blue
> psuede shoes")

how can i found out whether my sources hace this patch included?
can you give me a hint, how to build libstdc++ and libgcc as dlls,
cause i'm not really familiar with auto-import and 


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