vim problem (win xp): Cygwin seems unable to move the input cursor to arbitrary positions.

Jon A. Lambert
Wed Jan 12 09:29:00 GMT 2005

anamtharon wrote:
> Revised solution (version 2).
> New cygwin.bat file:
> @echo off
> set SHELL=sh
> set HOME=c:\cygwin\home\anamtharon
> set TERM=cygwin
> Now that's it.

Not quite it!

Rational can also add these to your environment:

So I added this in my cygwin batch file as well.
SET TERMCAP=/etc/termcap
SET TERMINFO=/usr/share/terminfo

Another annoying thing is with Rational Common in your path, autotooled 
projects find a program called hostinfo which pops up a windows dialog box 
during auto configuraton.  The fall back position I think is hostname.  Now 
I consulted man pages on hostinfo and I can't really tell you the difference 
between what hostinfo and hostname output.

I created a softlink in the cygwin bin directory.
ln -s /bin/hostname hostinfo

I cannot tell whether this is correct or not as I don't have access to a 
system that has a real hostinfo to compare the output.
It didn't appear to cause problems for the autotooled projects as they had 
properly discovered my hostname.

And not to mention Rational Test has a perl.exe in it's directory making the 
number of perls on my machine 4 in number . *sigh*

J. Lambert

> see you around!
> anamtharøn 

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