vim problem (win xp): Cygwin seems unable to move the input cursor to arbitrary positions.

Wed Jan 12 07:59:00 GMT 2005

at brian; you're right. rational rose has changed my environment and cygwin is confused in believing
that the SHELL was changed to some freak rational product and pointed the HOME variable to the
windows home path in Documents and Settings (or something. am using the german windows version, so i
don't really know what perverse translation the germans had used this time to make it read 'Dokumente
und Einstellungen').

so, where i said that a quick ':set term=cygwin' would solve the problem, it actually fixed only the
weird output behavior, but my .vimrc settings wouldn't have been read, etc.

Revised solution.

to (hopefully) get it right this time, i edited the cygwin.bat batch file to say something like:

	@echo off
	set SHELL=sh
	set HOME=c:\cygwin\home\anamtharon

	chdir c:\cygwin\bin

	bash --login -i

the second and third line should make a temporary fix for the cygwin session but not alter the
environment which rational rose most surely will be needing.

for my system at least, this seems to work alright.

That's it.

thank you guys for your time and effort.
hope you'll have a nice day, too!


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