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Christopher Faylor
Tue Jan 11 16:29:00 GMT 2005

On Tue, Jan 11, 2005 at 09:34:46PM +1100, Errol Smith wrote:
>I'm glad to see this (my machine at work is a hyperthreading machine
>btw) and will throw in some change shortly, but I ask that as well as
>setting up that page you do some or all of the following so people can
>find it through means other than that one message in the mailing list..
>- add a news item about it in the news section of

I have enough misgivings about doing this at all without putting it on
the main cygwin page but I did plan on doing that at some point if I got
links to others for contributions.  I don't feel right about putting up
a page which just asks for money specifically for me and me alone.

>- also, it would be nice if you expanded on the "Donations for a
>hyperthreading system" description.  People unfamiliar with this
>particular issue (problems with hyperthreaded machines) might not feel
>so inclined to throw money your way if they think it's only to resolve
>one single bug.  Also they may not realise that "cgf" is yourself, and
>that "cgf" is one of the primary cygwin developers/maintainers.
>Possibly something like: "Donations towards a hyperthreading system for
>cygwin's primary developer, in order to resolve issues found on current
>hardware and as a dedicated cygwin development machine" (the second
>part doesn't have to be completely true ;-)

There are links on the page which show "who's who".  And, I was only
looking for donations for this particular problem.  If you don't know
what "hyperthreading" is then you don't have the problem and there is no
reason to donate.  Ditto "cgf".


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