Pre-select packages for downloading by others

Mon Jan 10 20:13:00 GMT 2005

Make a ground-up Cygwin installation using precisely those packages you
wish to recommend for others, and then grab the file
Or, edit a copy of your existing version of this file to similarly
contain only those packages that you wish to recommend.

It will contain lines like
	rxvt rxvt-3.2-1.tar.bz2 0
	tar tar-1.4-6.tar.bz2 0

Hand edit it so that all the lines look like this instead:
	rxvt rxvt-0.tar.bz2 0
	tar tar-0.tar.bz2 0
(i.e. setting all version numbers to 0) or use a sed command line like
	sed -i
	's/^\(.*\) \(.*\) \(.*\)$/\1 \1-0.tar.bz2 0/'
(all 3 lines as one line) to achieve the same thing.

Then create a directory as follows containing only the one file you have
just created

If you then run Cygwin setup from scratch, installing into c:\Cygwin\,
it will update all those files, and only those files, listed in your
"special" installed.db (because it updates the version number 0 to the
current provision).

(If you want to install your recommended system elsewhere than
c:\Cygwin, locate your special file installed.db accordingly.)


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