Building new GLib and Pango

Roger Leigh
Mon Jan 10 17:13:00 GMT 2005

Could anyone involved with Cygwin glib maintenance possibly assist with
tracking down a Cygwin header bug?

While building Pango, one of the tests fails with lots of errors in
<winspool.h>.  The detail may be found here, along with a link to
a build of glib-2.6.1 (required dependency).

If you want to build glib-2.6.1 yourself, these patches are required

The bug is probably due to a #define causing a screwup in the w32api
headers, but I am uncertain whether this is a Cygwin or a Pango bug.
Since the failures occur in places that look fine, the cause is
non-obvious to me.

Many Thanks,

Roger Leigh

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