Obscene content in cygwin file.

Gary R. Van Sickle g.r.vansickle@worldnet.att.net
Sat Jan 8 19:14:00 GMT 2005

> On Jan  8 01:37, Gary R. Van Sickle wrote:
> > > Why would you suggest that expressing a thought, however 
> you might 
> > > disagree with it, should be illegal?
> > 
> > For the silly reason that I happen to know that a lot of things 
> > related to Nazis or Hitler in Deutschland ung?ltig ist.  
> Ferinstance, 
> > check out the German aircraft in MS's Combat Flight Simulator - no 
> > swastikas, 'cause if there were, they couldn't fly in 
> German airspace.
> Come on Gary, that's a common example, nothing to worry 
> about.  Showing these symbols has been forbidden in Germany 
> at one point 50 years ago.
> Of course that doesn't keep the die-hards from celebrating 
> the history but it was an interesting experiment.
> I don't see what that has to do with fortune except that you 
> are apparently trying to create more examples until you find 
> something which might offend somebody on the list.  Then this 
> person has to come over it and move forward.

Ah, no, what it has do do with fortune is:

- Fortune produced a Hitler quote.
- I know that Germany is a bit touchy about that whole Hitler/Nazis/WWII
- Hence, I asked if such a quote was legal in Germany.

Ok, so Hitler quotes aren't illegal in Germany.  Great, now we all know a
teeny bit more than we did before I asked the question.  The infomericals
refer to that as "win-win".  Case closed, and no need to imagine malicious
intent where none exists, as far as I can see.

Gary R. Van Sickle

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