Cygwin installation failure problem

Books Worms
Sat Jan 8 07:39:00 GMT 2005

Hi all,

My installation problem is that "cannot open log file
C:\cygwin/var/log/setup.log for writing" and
installation crashed at almost 89% portion of the
installation that was the same for each successive
re-installing cygwin. I checked that directory and
found no such file at all(Actually I downloaded
setup.exe on my desktop, so did setup.log stored in
the same directory). My new computer installed with
windows home edition sp2, which were bought just in
one month from Futureshop.Ca. I guess the installation
process might conflict with some other software
installed in my local drives. However I have no
knowledge to go beyond this. I desperately need your
help with this issue.

Any reply is very much appreciated.

Thanks to you all,


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