Cannot build 21.4.16 under cygwin (gcc 3.3.3)

Vin Shelton
Fri Jan 7 19:36:00 GMT 2005 (Henry S. Thompson) writes:

> But of course then I'm stuck with other code that won't run because of
> the two-different-bases problem.
> Anyway, thanks _very_ much for your help, it sounds like the xemacs
> folks are really where this needs to be solved.  Point is, this is a
> regression -- xemacs-21.4.15 works OK (mind you, I haven't tried
> recompiling it with gcc-3.3.3).


AFAIK, we didn't make any changes in 21.4.16 that would account for
this.  As an experiment, can you try to build 21.4.15 with gcc-3.3.3?
I would be surprised if that worked.

  - Vin Shelton
    Release Mgr for Stable XEmacs Branch

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