Obscene content in cygwin file.

Andrew DeFaria Andrew@DeFaria.com
Fri Jan 7 16:39:00 GMT 2005

Terry Dabbs wrote:

> I worked at a division headquarters of large company, where we had 
> hundreds of people who would log into their email account on the VAX. 
> When logging in you would see a message of the day. The guy 
> administering this got tired of the same old boring messages and 
> started rotating in messages very much like the ones in the limerick 
> file. The first couple were only slightly off-color, and actually got 
> positive responses. Then the third, and last one, had to do with a guy 
> in Nantucket who had some unusual practices. The effect this had in 
> the local work place was fun to watch, having the computer pipe that 
> stuff on the screen was about as imaginable as Bush saying it on TV, 
> and created quite a stir. The end result was not so much fun, the 
> employee was severly reprimanded (Andrew wouldn't work there...) and 
> was weeded out in the first layoff (I wonder why...). 

Not even close in comparison. I said that I wouldn't work for a company 
where somebody snooped onto my machine and found something offensive 
(IOW he was actively looking for it in a place that he should be). 
That's vastly different than me thrusting it upon unsuspecting eyes as 
the above states.
If things get any worse, I'll have to ask you to stop helping me.

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