Obscene Content Tiebreaker

Daniel B. REMOVEdanielTHIS@fgm.com
Fri Jan 7 16:24:00 GMT 2005

William R. Knox wrote:

> ...
> If you don't like the fortunes, don't install them. 

Unfortunately, that argument (or admonition) doesn't quite hold water:

* It requires recognizing that the fortune package is part of what
   you're installing.  That doesn't happen if you select to install
   all of CygWin or even just one whole section.

   (One might simply install all of CygWin, so that when you hear of
   some useful command you can try it without having to first cycle
   through the whole installer program sequence.)

* It requires finding out that you don't like the fortunes.  If
   the package description doesn't say something about the jokes
   that are offensive (to some people), you won't know you don't
   like the fortunes until you see them.

Hey, too bad there's not a universal offensiveness rating system
(multidimensional, maybe like the geek code?) to characterize
things plus a universal way to mark separable components that can
be cut out.  You specify your preferred level of "non-offensiveness"
and applications like the CygWin installer and browsers consult
your preferences.  If you don't like offensive jokes, the CygWin
installer automatically excises marked parts of the fortunes file
(or parts of the CygWin distribution (e.g., fortunes-xxx)).  Hey, it
would be like the way browsers pass on language and locale preferences
from the OS/user environment!

Okay, pie in the sky...

(Hey, what about PICS?)


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