newbie question about using gcc in cygwin

Fri Jan 7 14:34:00 GMT 2005

Hi all:
 I want to know how to compile a program in cygwin using gcc.
 Here is my instance:
             1>I install cygwin in c:/cygwin
             2>I wrote a piece of code named test.c in E:/prog/test/test.c.
              AND suppose the program just printf "hello".

             How can i compile and link my code using gcc ? Should i give 
the absolute path of my program       (E:/prog/test/test.c.) when using gcc?
             And another problem is where the "hello " is printf? Is it in 
the windows console or "cygwin console"(i don't know whether it is 
appropriate name )?
              Thank you for your patience.


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