openssh sshd slow logins

Dave Wang
Mon Jan 3 19:57:00 GMT 2005


i also forgot to mention that i have disabled all windows shares,
and modified the .bash_profile such that the paths are minimal.
these did not help either.  sorry for the previous poorly
formatted message.

dave at arubanetworks dot com


i'm having a problem where my cygwin openssh sshd logins are
  slow.  i am using rsa key autologins.  only a certain portion
  of the login is slow.  when i do a "ssh -x
  <user>@<cygwinmachine>" from my linux box, the authentication
  is immediately successful (the motd prints out immediately),
  but then it takes about 5 seconds for the shell to appear.  I
  know that the shell is not slow in starting up, because in
  /etc/passwd i've replaced the shell with the "date" command ,
  and that takes an equally slow amount of time to get from the
  motd to the shell program execution.

    -- i've added the option "UseDNS no" to the sshd_config file,
       to avoid reverse dns lookups.

    -- "sshd" is setup as an XP service, with access to the

    -- "ssh -vvv user@machine" doesn't show anything wrong.  it
       is virtually instantaneous until after printing the motd.

    -- rsa key logins to a linux box on the same segment as the
       windows give me an instantaneous shell.

  the last thread i saw about sshd logins being slow was dated in
  2001, and those were resolved by disabling the reverse dns
  lookups (which i've done).

  Any comments are appreciated.  Thanks!

dave at arubanetworks dot com

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