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Mon Jan 3 03:49:00 GMT 2005

Applied Technology Research Center offers Linux and Open Source solutions.

Advantages of considering Linux based solutions.

No need to replace your proprietary systems completely.

No more licencing problems. You gain compliance to WTO regulations and
Intellectual Property copyright laws.

Open Source solutions are complementary. Linux machines can interoperate
with other machines.

You do not need to pay for expensive licences. The GNU Public Licence
encourages free software.

Open Source is selected by many organizations in the world for the following
four benefits.
1. Stronger security.
2. Dependable Reliability.
3. Enhanced Performance.
4. Affordable costs.

If you are interested in gaining the benefits of open source please contact 
Khawar Nehal on 92-300-9284698, 92-21-4980523 
or if you are interested in taking a course related to these subjects then 
call Mrs Irfana on 92-333-2335380 

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