"od" wrong line endings and byte count

Brian Dessent brian@dessent.net
Mon Jan 3 00:51:00 GMT 2005

"Gary R. Van Sickle" wrote:

> > > I think that this is a regression of "od", though.  It
> > probably should
> > > use binmode by default.
> >
> > I would tend to agree, but how would you change this default
> > if desired?
> >
> ?  By one of the two ways God intended when he gave Moses POSIX:
> 2. "rb"

(3. link with binmode.o)

'od' should probably be using #1 or #2 already though, if not that's
easy enough to fix I'd think.

The poster also had a qustion about the 'expand' utility writing
NL-terminated files, when the mount was textmode.  That sounded like a
bug to me also, but I don't really know how the rules for text mounts
are supposed to work on writes, or how 'expand' calls open().


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