sshd under Cygwin

Sun Jan 2 21:16:00 GMT 2005

While I did delete everything when doing a T&E cycle, 
   /var/empty (dir)
   /etc/ssh* (all keygen, config files)
   /etc/passwd (removed sshd entry)
   Removed user (via Control Panel)
   Removed sshd (via cygrunsrv)
   .ssh (in User directory)

I also verified all Registry entries had no references to ssh after doing
So I think everytime I did a T&E cycle, it was "clean" from the script's
of view (ssh-host-config).  However, there is a subtle acl change that
ssh-user-config does
to ensure the SYSTEM process can access the user's .ssh contents which I
likely did
not go back & execute after getting everything to work.  This thread seemed
particularly relevant:

Symptomatically, my behavior was identical to
which I couldn't find a conclusion for.  However, in the "heat of battle"
it's easy to skip a step
so now I'm trying again to test my luck now that I'm "initiated" into the
sshd world :-) & see if I can
get multiple users working.

thanks & best regards,
eric rose


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At 07:44 AM 1/2/2005, you wrote:
>   After using the following references:
>& plenty of T&E (trial & error),
>I was able to get RSA SSH2 keys to work properly.  In conclusion, 
>change the _user to <User Login ID> instead of 'system' in both of the 
>above scripts. I installed the sshd service manually but that was 
>mainly due to the debug/analysis nature of the work.  Shouldn't be 
>necessary if the _user variable is changed in both scripts.
>Anyhow, this does bring up another question:
>   How would one get RSA SSH2 keys to work with multiple user logins 
>since the cygrunsrv/sshd process can only run as 1 user?  It would 
>appear the answer is "Not possible" based on my T&E results.

If you want to be able to use multiple user's with sshd, then you must start
the service as 'SYSTEM' (or 'sshd_server' for W2K3).  There's no need to 
edit any scripts as you suggest above to get this working.  My WAG is that
you started 'sshd' from the command line once as the user you were logged in
as.  This will create files like '/var/log/sshd.log' with permissions 
for your user as the owner, which won't work if you then try to start the 
'sshd' as 'SYSTEM'.

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